Thursday, October 2, 2008

Houston Quilt Market Part Two

This sample for the Houston Quilt Market was a Miss Molly, size 6, View A (no ruffle).
I fell in love with this set of Moda fabrics when I was at Lacy's Quilt Studio on vacation. I picked most of my fabrics for market from the same set. This is something I rarely do because they usually look to 'matchy' to me, but these had the coordinate but not really the 'matchy' feel to me -maybe someone out there will understand what I just said! LOL!
Molly loves it and I feel like it may even work for Christmas- Remember Christmas here is just barely long sleeve weather.
I will be back tomorrow with the third (and maybe my favorite) dress for market.


Pampered Brat said...

Another beautiful dress!
Job well done.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your dresses will be at Market but you won't. You need to go so we can hang out and pet all the pretties!

Firefly Hill said...

Beautiful Samantha!

good luck at market!


Paula in Phoenix said...

Oh, so sweet. Samantha, I just downloaded your Miss Madeline pattern and have a question. I hope you don't mind me inquiring here... On adding the "skirt" (p.2), how many inches directly (directly, right?) below point A is point B (size 5). Then, how many inches below point B is point C? How type-A can a person be? LOVE your dresses! Thanks gobs!

little dresses said...


Paula in Phoenix,

The chart with the A-B measurements are above the illustration at the top left hand side of page 2. The B-C measurement is given in the paragraph below (it's 1"). If you have any more questions just email me at

Sorry I didn't email you but I don't get your email adress when you comment.


heartathome said...

Both dresses are absolutely beautiful and you have me waiting with bated breath for dress #3!!!!

SHEILA said...

Samantha, Did I miss something? Your pattern and dresses will be on display at the Houston Quilt Market! Wow. You are moving into the big time girl! I love your fabric choices on these. Congratulations!
I have 2 Miss Molly's in the works right now for my niece's in corduroy, as jumpers for winter.