Saturday, August 2, 2008


We are home a little early, I'm always done after about four days! LOL! I like home. We had a wonderful time! Now I'm just avoiding the piles of luggage and bags in my living room and trying to get a little rest.
I'm hoping to have the house in order by Monday so that I can finish up Miss Madeline this week. I plan to have it in the shop by Friday! YAY! There is something about posting my plans here that gives me extra motivation to get going.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. The first one above is my view from the porch holding my little angel Iris. The second is Lily, and the third is the two of them on the beach just before they started eating sand! LOL! Aren't they beautiful? It's hard to be away from them when I have seen them everyday for a week, I miss them already.

I love this picture of Timothy because he is so pretty, but I hate it because he looks so old. He is losing that baby look *sniff*.

Here is my Molly looking like an angel. I'm in love with beach pictures in white dresses!

This is my Paw Paw and Granny. I hope I look like her when I'm a great Grandmother! She's just beautiful!

And here's my little Sass! She took Paw Paw's hat for her beach pictures. My little bathing beauty!


Danielle said...

love the pictures sam!!! everyone is getting so big! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pretty pictures. I remember when my four boys began to look like young men instead of kids. That's when I learned what "bittersweet" meant. I love home, too! I read your blog often!

Thimbleina said...

It looks like you had a great time

Karen said...

What beautiful pictures! So many gorgeous little people!

Embroidery Tips By Video said...

Molly is cute and very fresh in white. Iris n Lily are playful...pretty pics and often I want to return to your blog...

Mary said...

Great pics! Looks like just an amazing trip.

Anonymous said...

ooooooo, SUCH pretty pictures!!!
I keep popping in to peek! I looove baby toes! when my youngest daughter was a baby my son - 5 then - would kiss the bottoms of her wee baby feet and her toes would curl around his nose! He just loved that and would laugh&laugh!
from Sparkle

Marie said...

Those pics are gorgeous! I love the first one of your baby's toes-gives me the itch for one more baby...I don't know where you went for vacation, but it is stunningly beautiful there. It looks like we both have a Madeline aka Maddie. I look forward to the Madeline dress pattern-can't wait to see it!

Oliver Rain said...

What a sweet family. I love the pics of the little toes.

iRiS said...

OMGosh love the photos!
I had to comment as your the first person Ive come across since my darling daughter Iris was born 18mths ago to name their daughter ....Iris hahahaa

its such a beautiful timeless name isnt it

we named our Iris after her grandmother who passed away of breast cancer about 8yrs ago so it has a very special meaning for us :)

your twin girls are so adorable and I just love their names!

I am always saying if I have another baby girl I will have to pick a pretty flower name to match my Iris! ha!

loevly blog & sorry for the essay I get carried away

iRiS said...

Thanks Samantha loved reading your comment in my blog,
I was like ahhhh nieces well that makes more sense ha
I was thinking how amazing is this woman with 5 kiddies number 6 on the way, running a business etc etc
shes super woman!
lovely to find your blog will be sure to keep reading :)