Friday, July 25, 2008

Yeah.....we trashy like that. (Confessions of a Hillbilly # 987)

Yes my dear friends, that is a Radio Flyer wagon hooked to the back of "Timothy's" tractor. That's how we roll. LOL! This is how we ride to the chicken pen now. Cause who wants to walk to the chicken pen when you could ride in style? Boring! About now I bet some of you are wondering where mama sits. Did you even have to ask? Mama sits up front in Daddy's lap! Doesn't everyone do that? LOL! I will try to get a picture of that in about 6 months when my belly is huge. LOL! Now that will be a good picture! I'll try to be barefoot too.

On another note. We are leaving town! Beach bound baby! (That's why I put in the picture of Maddie blowing a snot bubble in her car seat. This is the kind of gross stuff that only happens when you are stuck in the car on family vacation!) We will be gone for 7 days to the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. The kids are so excited that they have wanted to pack the car for the last three days. We are going with my parents, my brother Simon, Rae and Jake (my sister and Ben's brother) with their twins Lily and Iris, Granny and Paw Paw, and my Aunt Kim her husband Jacob and their seven kids.

We're doing something new this year, we will be keeping a travel journal. I got the idea from HERE. We will be doing ours a little different since our children are younger, but it should be fun! We have already started our first entry with our "to do" list for before the trip. We are so excited about this! When we get back I will share some of our travel journal and lots of beach pictures. See you when we get back!





PS. Sometime after I get back I will upload the video of us really catching the lizard! It was pretty funny!


able80224 said...

Samantha, you are too funny! It sounds like quite a trip. I wish you all a wonderful time! Take some great pictures!


Danielle said...

have a blast at the beach!!

Familia Stilwell said...

Ok, I'm doing a little jig here! (Glad nobody is videoing me!) We've been traveling so haven't read any posts since the recipe. Normally, I go back and read in order, but this time b/c of time I didn't. Imagine my surprise when you mentioned riding on the tractor with a big belly when I was already laughing about the whole tractor thing. (You guys are better than the Beverly Hillbillies, by the way!) I cannot tell you how excited I am for you, my friend!!!! Wish I could give you a great big hug of congratulations! I am rejoicing with you! And what fun that you and Rae will be going through it together. Oh man, I can't imagine the sewin' that will be going on for those sweet little babes! :) Bet Molly is gonna be doin' some of the best of it, too! :) Hope you have a great, relaxing time at the beach! Love ya!

Jaime said...

I love the snot bubble! You are hilarious. I found your blog from looking at making dresses and had so much fun looking I check back often and enjoy reading it every time. You have a fun time as a mommy, I can tell. God Bless.

Thimbleina said...

Have a great holiday

Firefly Hill said...

I hope you have a great time...sounds like so much fun! Congrats again on the baby and your sister's baby too!