Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hobo Stew (Foil Dinners) Recipe.

Here is my recipe for the best camping food known to man! It's one of those a little of this a little of that recipes so just take what you want and leave what you don't.
This is what you need:
ground beef (we use 1lb for a family of five)
onion or bell pepper (I like both)
dales steak seasoning (Moores if you are too far north to get Dales)
First you tear off sheets of foil about 12" by 12" (I like to use a little more so that I can cram them full). Cut all the veggies up small enough that they will get done about the same time the meat does, I usually slice my potatoes like potato chips about 1/4" wide (in these pictures I had used a tater twister I got for Christmas and it worked great! It makes curly fries). Then you roll your ground beef into little balls (a little smaller than a golf ball) and wrap those balls in bacon. put the meat balls in the center of the foil, put about a cap full of Dales on, pile on the veggies, then another cap full of dales, add some salt and pepper and wrap those babies up. If you are cooking over a fire add another layer of foil.
They cook much faster over the fire. You just get a good bed of hot coals then lay them on the coals with a shovel and check one of them about every 5-10 minutes. I think ours were done within 15 minutes.
If you are cooking them in the oven, I like to put them on a pan with ridges all the way around. That will keep the juice from leaking into the oven. What I cook them on depends on how late I was starting supper. LOL! I have cooked them on 350 for a couple of hours, and on 500 for 20-30 minutes. You decide!
When they are done we like to add shredded chedar cheese to the top. YUMMY!
If you have any questions feel free to ask! I will add the info to the post so that everyone will benefit.
My friend Nell asked: If we can't get Dale's or Moore's, do they compare with any brand of steak sauce? I can't find anything like it, but I did find where you can get dales online! Try HERE.
Do you suppose this could be made ahead of time, and popped into the oven after work? My friend Kim has tried it layered in her crock pot during church and she said it worked well for her. You could also just make them up the night before, refrigerate them, and pop them in the oven when you get home.


Anonymous said...

We just did these. We cooked them over a fire. Man, they were good! And so easy! I'm excited to try them when we go camping (we did ours in our back yard last time). On another note, I'm so parinoid that I'm going to miss your call for pattern testers! :)

Rebecca said...

oh cool! i haven't made hobo stew since i was in the girl scouts. what memories....

able80224 said...

If we can't get Dale's or Moore's, do they compare with any brand of steak sauce?
Do you suppose this could be made ahead of time, and popped into the oven after work?

Thimbleina said...

Great recipe,I shall definately have to try this one.

Handmade Housewife... said...

We made these last night and they were super yummy! I used the Dale's reduced sodium seasoning and cooked them in the oven @ 500 for 30 min (like you suggested). So good. A big hit at my house...thanks for sharing!!


Heather said...

I wanted to make something different. My kitchen is my family's meeting place on most days, lol, so I wanted something that took a little more time than my usual hamburger helper or quick meals that I manage to make in between brushing barbie's hair, bathing my four year old and getting stuff together for the next day. So, on Friday night, I decided to try this and IT IS AWESOME!! My husband told me to tell you thank you! He loved it! I loved it and we had company that came over and Loved it! If you have any more meals like this, please share ;-)

Emily said...

Instead of steak seasoning I used creole seasoning and my mom and sister went crazy over them! I cooked them in the oven but the bacon added such a nice camp-firey taste to them, we loved them!