Friday, May 30, 2008


My boy has been so funny the last few weeks! He is such a little man. I have a few funny stories to tell, these conversations REALLY happened!
This is what Timothy asked my cousin who just got braces: Charlie, why do you gots earwings (earings) on your teeth?
Timothy and Ben had this conversation the other morning before church when we were running a little late. Ben was getting him ready and couldn't find any socks, so he ran to the girls room and grabbed a pair of plain white socks (OK they had a very small scallop, but seriously NOT NOTICEABLE, Ben didn't even see it when he grabbed them).
Ben: Here buddy, put these socks on.
Tim: I can't wear dose (those) daddy.
Ben: Why not? They are just plain white socks, put'em on, we're in a hurry buddy.
Tim: But daddy dose (those) are for girws (girls).
Ben: No they're not buddy just put'em on.
Tim: Uhh huh Daddy, wook, they hab (have) ......(ok he now has this puzzled look on his face trying to decide what he's to call the scallop)......drinkles on em.
Ben: Drinkles? What's that? ( holding back a laugh to see what else might come out of this four year olds mouth)
Tim: (pointing to the scallops) Dat (that) daddy, dat's drinkles. Drinkles ar for girws (girls).
Seriously I could just eat him he is so sweet!
So here was the conversation they had at Taco Bell.
Ben: Tim what do you want? A hard taco?
Tim: Noooooo Daddy. I want the easy kind.
LOL! I could go on and on! This kid is our built in comedian, he's the funny guy. He is such a sweet little boy. I hope I never forget this.
Blogger is being a booger (Yeah, I said booger, stop giggling) and will not let me upload pictures "at this time". I will try to add the pictures of my Tim in the morning. Night night.


tara said...

I love funny kid stories. I have a million. Here is my latest from my 4 year old. She had asked for something outrageous and I said "no way Jose". Her reply was, "Mom, I told you not to call me Jose". OK.

Anonymous said...

Shelly here: and here's my "funny son" story: Jake came running in to me after sledding on the hill in front of our house, his little fingers were blue because his new gloves had lost some of their dye and now it was on his little hands. He was nearly hysterical with tears and sobbing. Jake: "Mom! It's time to come in! Look at my fingers! I know what THAT means---first they get cold, then, they turn blue and then---they FALL OFF!"
I'm so proud of you, Samantha, for writing these sweet little words down! My Jake is now 26 years old and going to graduate school. I love reading my journal of when my five were little. It's priceless!

Steve & Molly said...

Hee hee, I prefer easy tacos, too! :) Thanks for the chuckles.

Sheila said...

If you don't write them down you will forget them! I LOVE the "drinkles" for scallops! I'm thinking his thought process went something like this: girly(dolly)/wave(wrinkle)=drinkle Makes perfect sense to me.
Wuv dat kid!

Ginny said...

Kids! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. And enjoy these precious quips; our children grow up so very fast.

Oliver Rain said...

So cute. We still use Lizzie's mispronunctiations for many of our words -- hotels are "hotowels", computers are "commuting" , overalls are "overgirls", so cute.

Alisa said...

Easy tacos always taste better!

He's just too cute!

Anonymous said...

boy...blogger is being so bad today! Anyway, your latest dress is so cute! I love it! I need a daughter!
And you've been tagged :)
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