Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Miss Molly" is now ready for pre-order!

The pattern is now available in the shop for pre-order. I will have all the orders mailed out by by mid June. I'm thinking it will be ready before that, but to be on the safe side I say mid June. To order click HERE or click on books and patterns at the top of the page. YAY! These dresses are from my testers! These guys are pretty fast. This first one was made by my sweet friend Karen of The Big Trade-Off. I love her choice of fabrics, it made for a cute funky version of "Miss Molly".
This one is sweet too! Cheryl M. sewed this version of "Miss Molly". The ladybug button just makes the dress!

Isn't it the sweetest!

I have more exciting news. Creative Smocking is going to distribute this pattern for me! They already carry my book and crochet patterns, but now I will have a sewing pattern out! I am so excited! I want you all to know that I probably wouldn't have had the guts to take it this far, had I not had so much encouragement from my wonderful family and you all. This is the most supportive and encouraging community. Thanks guys! Y'all are amazing!


Anonymous said...

What cute dresses! I haven't received my copy to test for you yet...I hope you didn't forget about me! =0)

Steve & Molly said...

Hey, congrats on having your pattern distributed by Creative Smocking! That is exciting! The dresses turned out adorable. Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

I loooooove the rick-rack and the ladybug!!! Way cute.

I hope to make another one this weekend. I have mad, crazy love for this pattern. :) But you know that.

tara said...

I will be one buying this and cant wait to try it (and seeing more test pictures).

April said...

Just wanted to tell you that I got to touch and feel the 'Molly' Dress today that Karen made. Her daughter wore it to Sunday School (which I had to teach today) and it was ever the loveliness shown in the pictures. WOWOWOWOWOW! Love it!