Monday, May 5, 2008

Life is good.


At our small church we don't have a choir, or not an adult choir I should say. We have very good music and a couple of singers, and then we have our precious children. Every Sunday they come to the front and sing along. They are seriously the highlight of the service! What is so funny about this is that they don't know any kids songs, they like hymns! This Sunday we were missing a few musicians and singers so Pastor (30 minutes before service) requested that the children take over. Our two guitar players decided that they would play children songs instead of our normal hymns. We didn't have time to practice any of the songs but we were sure that if they knew all those old hymns so well that they would surely know "This Little Light of Mine" and "Jesus Loves Me", well, not the case. This turned out to be the most precious mistake ever! I laughed so hard that I had tears pouring down my face. And Just so you know, after this song was over they sang "I'll Fly Away" and never missed a lick! It was so touching. Jesus said, "Unless ye humble yourselves and become as little children ye shall by no means enter the kingdom of Heaven" I am so glad to have a daily reminder of childlike faith. When Molly was a baby I was holding her in a restaurant and an old minister came up to look at her. I knew him to be a very Godly man, but he didn't remember me. When I was little I would go to bible school at his church, and he always took the time to talk to us like we important. He looked at her for a minute and his eyes filled with tears and he told me "this is the closest to heaven you will ever be here on earth". Oh those words. They have been with me since that day. I hope you all enjoy this video! Sorry it's shaky at the end, I was loosing it! When they just went back to singing, I just couldn't handle it! LOL!

Another reason life is good. Est! She is the sweetest! I won a giveaway on her blog and she sent me this. I LOVE IT! I got it when I checked the mail last Sunday before church and I took and showed it to my Sunday school class. They loved it too- and that's saying a lot considering that they are little boys ;) I have it on my desk and it makes me smile every time I see it. Thank you Est! I will have three freebie patterns out this week, and some sewing to show you so stay tuned!


tara said...

I have to tell you that I'll Fly Away is my favorite song. Ac ouple of Sundays ago I was feeling down and the music director handed out music sheets and it was this song. I am thirlled to see it enjoyed by others.

Alisa A. Thoms said...

adorable! absolutely adorable

est said...

thanks for the post!! :)