Thursday, April 3, 2008

A free pattern and some "sweet-ta-tae-tas".

As promised here is your pattern download for the little applique strawberry. Just click on the picture and follow the directions to download.

(this is a video, click on the play symbol to watch)

Oh my sweet little boy! The other night we were eating sweet potatoes, and Timothy was telling "sissy" (Molly), "wook what I made, it's a sweet tataeta sawich". The first time I heard those sweet little words I ran to get the video camera. You can tell in the video he's being a little shy, but it's so sweet! I tried to get him to talk more by asking questions but he wasn't falling for it. LOL! I hope you enjoy our funny little video.


Steve & Molly said...

Aaaw, how sweet! Hey, your son is very Peruvian! Sweet potato sandwiches are a very common thing to eat here. They eat their BIG meals at lunch and in the evenings often just have "sawiches." This is one of the common ones b/c it is inexpensive to make and tastes good, too. They slice sweet-ta-tae-to, fry it, salt it, and put it on their bread. I thought it sounded strange at first, but it is really good! They also eat sweet potato chips. To make those you just use your potato peeler to slice it really thin and fry it until they are crisp like potato chips...YUMMY! Our girls love these. So, there is your social studies lesson for today on the Peruvian culture! Hee hee. Have a great day! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

lilflowers said...

Love it! I can't wait to see that sweet ta-tae-ta today!Love you Tim!

Anonymous said...

And who makes the kids favorite sweet potatoes, ahem, I think we all know the answer to that. Hey, I decided to do my once a year blog post and for the life of me I cannot remember my password, what a shock, lol. Seriously I think I want to start posting again the entertainment value of all whole three of you who look at it. So... I need your help pretty please (will throw in a congealed salad as an incentive)

Sheila said...

I think I love to hear you all talk because it reminds me of my family in NC. DO you eat mashed banana sandwhiches? That's one my mom always gave us when we were little.