Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Awarded and tagged.

Molly told me last night that she felt like she was famous. She said " mama, all I did was sew a shirt! And I'm only six!" Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments, she enjoyed each and every one. She was especially excited that daddy left her a comment, since he has never left one for me, she felt so special. I decided that Molly should have her own category on our little blog for all her sewing projects. "Molly's sewing" will be in the list from now on! She already has three entries!
Next up is this award I received from one of the sweetest people, Est over at my cuppa charms. She is always nearby with a kind word. She awarded me the "you make my day award". Est you make my day too! You all need to check out her AMAZING felt houses, they are so detailed and dainty.
Wanna know who makes my day? You! Everyone who takes the time out of their busy day to stop by and chat! All of your sweet encouraging comments make my day. I am just so proud to be a part of this little online sewing circle. Thank you!
Then I was tagged by Lynn to tell random or weird things about myself. Sorry it took me so long Lynn! (I know she will forgive me.) Lynn lived with my parents (after Ben and I were married) while she was in a discipleship program at our church. I feel so comfortable around her because she is just as quirky as me, but in different ways.

(This is my favorite Easter picture.)

So here I go with the random and weird things: 1. I can build a dress in my head, draft the pattern from scratch, and sew it exactly how I had it pictured; but I can't remember my own cell phone number. I can't get to my husbands work without directions ( yes, I have been there several times). Grammar and punctuation don't make sense to me at all! I know you've noticed this! I am soooo right brained. Creative things make sense, numbers and such do not! I just don't grasp it. I live with this weirdness everyday.

2. When people meet me in real life they usually think that I am a snob because I'm so shy. I'm hardly ever the first to speak. I am not shy at all around people I know, just new people. I think part of this is because I love to listen and study people. I'm interested in the way other people live. Did you know Samantha means "one who listens"?

3. I'm an insomniac! I inherited this from my mother, who inherited it from her mother. Thanks Nanny! If I have the tiniest project on my mind it will keep me from sleeping. Sometimes I am so exhausted that I am able to fall asleep; but I dream of the project all night, so I wake tired feeling like I have worked all night. 4. I'm a little green. We use all cloth napkins. I never buy plastic, we always use real plates and cups. We have chickens that lay fresh eggs everyday. I repurpose a lot, for example: I use thrifted sheets for curtains, to make clothing, or for cloth napkins. I have an old ladder in my living room that I use as a quilt rack. Most everything in my house was thrifted, I'm such a sucker for "clucked up stuff"!

5. We have a secret! We just started working on a new family project, a campground/picnic area down by the creek. We walk the creek almost everyday and we have found the perfect spot for our secret garden. There is a tree that is bent just right for our porch swing, and the creek is just deep enough in this spot to swim and have a tire swing. We are going to plant grass and wild flowers! I am so excited! In this picture you can see our bent tree. Ben is clearing out all the briars and underbrush. Sorry about all the smoke, that was our campfire. I love Tim standing there in his overalls watching daddy!

Well folks, that's all I've got for today. I have to get this house clean and my laundry caught up so I can be sick. Isn't it better to be sick in a clean house. A clean house just makes me feel better about everything!

Edited to add: Does anyone know why my format is so off for this post? Any tips?


Coralee said...

I am tickled that Molly enjoyed her comments and feels famous, don't we all feel like that when we get great comment love? I love that you are cultivating creative kids - AWESOME!

Linnea said...

What pretty eggs your hens laid! I hope to have some hens one day.
That is so neat that you guys are building that camp/ garden area. It must be so nice to have all of that space. I can't wait to see it all finished.