Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thanks Guys!

I woke to Ben's alarm clock going off this morning. I rolled over to his side of the bed and cut it off. I was surprised that he wasn't in the bed. I got up and looked through the house for him, but he wasn't there. I called his phone, but it rang in his office. I went to the window to look for his truck, and it was gone. The only thing that came to my mind was that he might be on a call with our neighborhood volunteer fire dept. He works full time at a neighboring city's fire department, but when he's home he runs calls with the volunteer dept. I looked for his dispatch pager and it was gone so then I was pretty sure that's where he was. I laid back down and prayed that God would keep him safe wherever he was. Then I heard the lifesaver helicopter fly over the house. I hate to know when he is out on call, it drives me mad! About an hour later I heard his truck pull up. Ahhhhhh..........relief! While everyone was sleeping cozy in their beds, My husband was wading through freezing water to rescue a coal miner who had been trapped. When Ben and the other firefighters got to him he was injured and hypothermic. They had to climb a steep, slippery, muddy bank, carrying the miner on a back board, to get him up to a place where lifesaver could land. He then came home, cooked breakfast, helped me get the kids ready for church, taught Sunday school, played lead guitar in church, and took the kids home while I went to a bridal tea. Sometimes we take for granted the guys that are up all night saving lives and property while we sleep. So I wanted to give a shout out to all the guys at Ben's full time fire dept. They're great guys! This is Ben's shift. Alan is on the far left, he likes my bread. Alan, I am sending you a loaf, I hope you like it. Then Joe, the crazy one. By the way, Joe has been mad at me because he hasn't been on the blog yet. Joe you can quit whining now sweetie. Then there's Ben, he is so stinkin HOT in that uniform! Will you wear that home sometime hunny? Next up is Nate, AKA the best Guitar Hero at the station. I got to see this for myself when I went to visit the other night, I have some pretty good pictures that I am saving for later. This is Jason who has just been added to Ben's shift, but he's not a rookie he has been fighting fire for a few years now.

This is another shift. Mike (third from the right) was in the firefighter calendar. Kieth (far right) reads my blog, and that just makes me happy! Sorry to out you like that Kieth, but that's just too cool to not mention!

You guys are amazing, thanks for all your hard work!

Come on girls, leave these guys a nice thank you, I'll make sure they read it. I know Keith will anyway, LOL!


Anonymous said...

Those handsome heroes deserve a standing ovation!

Along this path said...

You are right. Firefighters do not get enough recognition. Thank you guys for all of your hard work!


Sheila said...

Hey guys! Thanks for all you do! People don't say it enough, but your work is always appreciated. To know you will be there anytime with just a phone call is so awesome! And thanks to the wives that worry every time you go out.
I'm very good friends with 2 Baltimore County Fire Fighters here in Maryland, and they are the greatest. I know you all have a special bond, no matter where or how you serve.
God Bless you all for taking care of all of us!
PS-Hey Keith!
PSS-Oh, and Joe, poor Joe, can't forget to say hey to Joe ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow what an inspiring story. These gentlemen are heros. My hat's off to them!!!!

Oliver Rain said...

Oooh firefighters. Nice looking bunch.

Have a look on my blog for a "picture" of my husband. He's not a firefighter, but I love him.

Firefly Hill said...

Firefighters are way cool! And so very brave! Thank you for all you do to keep us safe!


Amy said...
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