Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who wants a prize?

Ya'll are always so much fun, so I wanted to have some sort of giveaway. There will be 2 prizes to win. The first will be a copy of my book, Samantha's Crochet Edgings, and the second will be all four of my crochet bootie patterns. To play everyone must comment on why they want the book, or what they think I should do to advertise for my book. The best comment-er wins the book, and I will let my kids draw for the person who will win the patterns. I will announce the winner on Sunday. I'm hoping to meet a few lurkers! Come on don't be shy! I think this will be fun. Here are some of the pictures from my book and a pair of the crochet booties.

This was Molly's Easter dress last year.

This is one of the edging patterns from the book.

This was a dress I made for my niece Lily.

This dress was for a very special baby named Isabella. The booties and blanket below were for my niece Iris.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to have the book or the patterns. I am only 31, but suffer from very severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been teaching myself to knit/crochet so that I can slowly create a "hope chest" for each of my 3 childrens future babies in case my hands will no longer work at that time. Thanks for your consideration.

Heather Shinabarger
Sewing Mama: Heather30

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely. I would love to be able to make things like that for the little girls in my life! I'd make all those dresses, yum yum. To advertise, I suggest you post on my homeschooling message board, the ladies there would die.

love, a fellow homeschooler
Jean Ping in CA
jean at roadq dot com

Tabbi at mtandg at yahoo dot come said...

Well I am new to the SM forum where I saw this post. But I have been sewing for years, I just lost my confidence these past few years along with a few brain cells from children and things just slipped away till I was not creating at all anymore. Last November I decided this was it I was going to go back to what made me happy and involve my girls in the process of designing their own clothes that they would be happy and comfortable in-they are 9 and 7- and we decided to learn a new craft-Crocheting! Now my girls are choosing the outfits they want me to make and we are all coming together like we have not done in soooo long. My 7yo loves crocheting and has gone beyond me in patience and skill and is creating toys for our kittens and a necklace for her stuffed lovey. This week we went to the craft store and purchased yarn for a lacey looking shawl she wants to attempt and why not life is about making mistakes and learning from them so we came home with beautiful yarn and several different needles to make different things from large to small! Before I saw this tonight she was telling me she wanted me to learn how to add 'bits of lovely stuff' to her outfits I was making and whether I get the book as a prize or just purchase it I will have to add this to our library because crocheting has brought us together in a beautiful pattern just like the strands of yarn come together in theirs!

And how I would help you advertise-well nothing works as quickly as the momvine and I would advertise on my blog, yahoo group and website as I run a statewide homeschooling network in my state!

Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha,
I want to win!! I want to make pretties like you have made! I have not yet learned to crochet, but I do sew and smock, and hey, I am a mom! So that means I am fully capable of learning new skills, right? heehee!

Anyway, your dresses are beautiful and so are your children.

In His Grace,
Sivje Parish

Lady_MSnow said...

Yes, I am one of your lurkers. I love your patterns. I have always wanted to purchase them, but our budget doesn't allow. Anyway, the reason I want the book? Well, that's obvious..because it's awesome! Really, I have crocheted a lot of thread dresses, but I have wanted to add embellishments to the dresses I sew too. But I never know what to do to make the embellishment come out right. It seems that I have ideas in my head, but they never come out right. This book would greatly help me create heirlooms for my daughter and other children as well.
As for can always get a banner placed on Crochetville...that would produce traffic I am sure and just doing things like this (a giveaway) will bring you more exposure. It just takes time to build up a customer base. Good luck to you! :D
PS If I am unlucky and don't win I will have to pinch pennies so I can buy the boottie pattern so I can make some for a local pregnancy center. :D

mommatothebear said...

Hi Samantha,

i really love the look of your dresses and would love your book!
I think ways to promote your book would be to sell some on ebay, offer a free pattern on your etsy shop to get people hooked, find out if you can get your patterns posted on, or make a video or crochetalong of a simple pattern to give people a taste. Locally, I think you should put up a craigslist ad, try to teach another class, and did you talk to the owner of that yarn shop in Gaitlinburg? She may carry the book for you!

Good luck with the book. :) How's the new one coming along?

Linda said...

I would love this book becasue it looks like it would give me the knowledge to creat some really nice heirloom quality pieces. I love the look of the crochet edging on items.

I was thinking that putting a link in your siggy on any group you are on, maybe a picture of a project as well would be great advertising. Also, if you are on hyena cart then do a FFS on it to generate interest. I would also look into how to get it in ravelry as a linked pattern. Then, I would post projects there for people to see. Also, I would post ad ad in SM and DD (diaper Sewing Divas) so people may see that it is for sale. Lastly, I would keep posting pics in the runway so that people inquire about your designs and you can lead them to your book. Good Luck!

Along this path said...

Hi Samantha!

I am one of the lurkers on your site, and have been admiring your work for some time now. I would love to have a copy of your book, because there are so many things in the sewing/crochet world that I want to learn. I am 22 years old and would love to be able to make the beautiful things you make for my future children. I have called everyone I can think of for lessons, but living in a small town my options are limited. Everything I know at this point is self taught. I think your book would help me learn so many more of the things I want to learn. Thanks for the opportunity!


Barbara said...

Hi there - Just happened upon your blog today and wanted to say I love your sewing. The little dresses with the beautiful edgings and trims and the crochet booties are just adorable. I read right through your archive - I have a stinking cold and am quite unable to do anything else except read blogs today! - to look at all the pictures of the cute dresses. I used to love my daughter in traditional dresses when she was wee (she's a big 10 years now!).
Your writing is very cheery and entertaining too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha!
I am Marcy from SM. My forum name is tryin2bcrafty. I would love your book because I just found out yesterday that I am having a neice! First girl born into the family in 19 yrs! I am so thrilled and just itching to start some little pretties for her.
As far as advertising ....How about myspace? I know there are a few girls who sell clothing from myspace pages so I am guessing anything is possible. Good luck with your book!

Anonymous said...

AGH! My post disappeared! LOL :) I would love to see your work appear on Knitty Gritty that runs on the DIY network!!! I believe that if you sent in those delicately perfect booties they would showcase you! :) They showcase crocheters from time to time. :) I am in love with your edging! I would be thrilled to have the book because my girls are maturing. They are past the ruffle stage, but I could get away with some hints of delicacy. I can envision your edging on camisoles and shirred peasant shirts! Oh, the fun to be had!!! :D

Dianna Bishop
SM: Diannab

Anonymous said...

Your dresses are awesome.

I love the way that you combine sewing and crocheting. I think that you should market to the local heirloom sewing shops. I go there for inspiration. They always have samples from their classes hanging in the store. You could have samples of your trims (an inch or so on a laminated board) with your book. The board would mean that your book would not be pushed to the back!! This would get some attention since we could touch and feel (isn't that why we love going fabric and yarn shopping !!!) Although, heirloom shops are not numerous, each one has a friend who owns another one and would pass along the word about this great new book. You could even teach a class on how to make a dress with your own trim.

Good luck with your marketing !!!

m_tromblay @

Sheila said...

I would love to have your book simply because it is beautiful, and you know how we heirloom sewers can't resist buying beautiful things. You couldn't have taken a prettier picture for the cover. Also, I would love to be able to say I have a first edition of your first book, because I know one day you'll be famous! Can't wait to turn on the TV and see Martha Pullen saying, "I'm so pleased to introduce to you my good friend Samantha Caffee, here to show us all how to make the most adorable crochet trims for our heirloom projects that you have ever seen!Samantha is a self taught heirloom sewer and crochet artist, stay at home mama, and all around talented woman. Samatha, welcome to the show!" You'll have all your little samples lined up on those green boards and off you'll go, I've got it all planned!
Anyway, for advertising, did you ever send anything to Sew Beautiful or Creative Needle Mag?
Be prepared for an onslaught of orders!
PS: I won't be disappointed if I don't win the book, I'll buy one anyway.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Wow! Im so happy you found me too so I could find you! Do you wannna come over & teach me how to read crochet? I can crochet but I cant read the patterns very well, I just wing something I want to make by visulizing it. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes it doesnt! LOL. So the book sounds fabulous , & I would be so happy to see it & make something from it! Aas for advertizing , I would be selling it in my Etsy shop with a gift certificate attached with a 5.00$ off coupon for any shop items for future purchase, or something like that.

Oliver Rain said...

I love all those little dresses. Do you sew them and then add your own edges? I've been looking for patterns like that for a long time. I want to make some pretty nightgowns for my girl.

We are absolutely blogger twins! I will enjoy reading your blog. Do you mind if I add a link on my blog to you?

By the way, should I not "win" patterns, I will absolutely buy them when I get a chance. I love crochet and love edgings especially.

Andi said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog.

I really like your edgings, they're so cute. It's something I've always wanted to learn... so I guess that's why I should win your book, hee hee!

About advertising, giveaways like these really help.

By the way, your kids are gorgeous!

Betsy said...

I hope it's not too late to enter; thanks for the comment on my blog! The hat was on clearance at the Gap at the end of last summer, but I think it would be fun to wear at the beach..
I would love to have a copy of your book because just from glancing over your blog, it looks like you have some really beautiful crocheting and while I know how to crochet, I have never crocheted anything so small and delicate and pretty. I am also really wanting to make stuff for my hope chest, and I think this would come in handy..Plus, I have been in sort of a crafting funk lately (hence the end of the blog) and this looks like just the thing to jump-start me in a new direction..I have little tiny hooks, I just need ideas! And one more thing, my dad has been pressuring me to make a doily or something for my mom for years..I feel kinda bad because I haven't..
One good way to advertise--leave comments on people's blogs, and then when they check out your blog they'll read about the book--that's how I just found out about it, and now I'm pretty much obsessed and leaving probably the most obnoxious comment in the history of blogging. XOXO

Oliver Rain said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll send an email as soon as I have the chance!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Your work is fabulous. I have 7 daughters and when they were little I made smocked dresses and little crochet shoes. I know how time consuming but it is also very fulfilling to make beautiful things like you make. They are just delightful.

Anonymous said...

I would like to win your book because I have a new grandbaby to sew for and I'm basically teaching myself crochet at this point but I'm loving it. Nothing really special about my post compared to many of the others, except for the fact that I want it so I can duplicate your edgings for a First Time Grandma, lol! Thanks for letting me enter.


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