Saturday, January 5, 2008

I used to draw

Yep. For what seems to be a second of my life, but was really two months, I was consumed by drawing. That's why I had to quit! I have never been soooo addicted to something in my life! It all started when I saw this man on the street (when we visited the mountains) drawing portraits for money. I asked a few questions and bought a book- of course! My drawing career lasted 12 drawings. I was way to obsessive about drawing, it had to be perfect or it would just eat at me (and not one was ever perfect). For those couple of months laundry, dishes, food(!), and even occasionally poor hubby took a back seat. I couldn't think of anything else! But I remembered these drawings today and I decided to share them with you. I can still look at these charcoals and see exactly what I hate about each one, but I am over it! These are all copies, I had to give the originals away or I would never stop working on them. LOL!

This is my brother Simon, he was number 5.

I am sure you know old Abe, he was number 4. This is a friend's grand baby, she was number 11.

See that's another thing- why would you throw yourself into something that so consumes you if you are never satisfied by it? When I gave it up I went cold turkey and cried for a three days. All my drawing things are now in the attic in a big Rubbermaid. The one I was working on when I quit was one of my wedding pictures, maybe I will show you one day. And here is the finished bonnet on one of the dolls my Nanny made the girls for Christmas. I took a pic of the bonnet on Iris too (it was so stinkin precious!) but she is not a very steady model, yet.


est said...

the bonnet is sooo beautiful! so delicate! love the colors too! at first glance i thought she (doll) was a real baby! lol. and gosh!! yr drawings were so good!! the potraits look so real to me :)

sandhyasudhir said...

A cute baby wearing a pretty bonnet.
Your blog is amazing.I have been wanting to start my blog but have not yet had the courage to do so.
reading your has inspired me yet again.
Thanks for sharing all the info and the pics.

Auntie Pam said...

Beautiful bonnet !! Would you mind sharing the pattern instructions or source for it. Would love to make some!!