Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brahma Bull

WOW these things are HUGE!! The kids and I just had to drive back out there today and see these things again. The owner was there and he told us that they are Brahma bulls and cows. They are the biggest cows I have ever seen! They have goat like ears, a hump like a camel, and a rear like a cow! The kids got to pet them and we found out that four of the cows are pregnant. One cow is due in the next month so I guess we will be visiting more often. We had such a good time today. Another unexpected adventure.


Coming Along Nicely said...

LOL. Funny thing about the Brahma Bulls. When I was a kid my parents told me about some friends of theirs who had one as a pet. From then on I wanted one for my own. I made the mistake of telling some friends that in high school and they were such smarta**es that they start calling me their Brahma bull friend. It was embarrassing! Anyhow... they are really cool.