Sunday, January 20, 2008

And The Winners Are..............

I couldn't choose, I had no idea it was going to be so hard! I made Ben pick because I couldn't take the pressure. I know this, I have some amazing blog readers! This was so much fun (up until decision time!). So here are the winners......................
Sheila, my sweet friend, you won the book for the best comment! I don't have your email address to contact you so just email me your address.
Oliver Rain, my blog twin, you were comment # 15 so you win the patterns!
Thanks everyone for participating!

(here are my sweeties last Easter)

I am thinking of starting a "how to crochet" tutorial series. I want to know who would really use this before I start to see if it is even needed. If I have at least a few people interested I don't mind putting it together.

This is what I want to do:

The first tutorial will be how to hold the hook, tie a slip knot and how to chain.

The second will be how to do a single crochet.

The third will be a double crochet.

The fourth will be a triple.

The fifth will be a half double crochet.

Each tutorial will also include helpful hints and instructions for patterns.

So, is there a need? Would you or someone you know use this?


Anonymous said...

I would definitely love to learn to crochet!!!!!! I taught myself to smock last year over the internet, so crochet could be my new skill for 2008!

So, please!!!!! I think these tutorials would be wonderful!

Thanks for thinking of it,


Brenda L said...

I, too, would love to learn crochet! I cannot handle knitting, but I would love to be able to make stuff with my hands.

Sheila said...

Yipee! I won! Thanks Ben! Does he watch Martha Pullen's show? I thought you would have to know her show to know I was imitating her in my comment.
I think a crochet tutorial would be great. I know just the very basics, but once I get to the end of the first row, I'm lost. And now that I'm proud owner of a beautiful crochet edgings book, I need to get up up to speed on my skills. So if you can squeeze this into the million other things you seem to accomplish daily/weekly/monthly (this woman never stops or sleeps), then go for it-we'll be waiting! XO

Anonymous said...

I would use a tutorial; I learned to crochet years ago but have forgotten a lot of it, so it would be helpful to have a good description as a reminder. And I never learned more than single and double anyway.


Kim said...

Hiya Samantha. I'm a lurker from across the pond in England. I nearly replied to your last post, but chickened out!

Anyhoo I'm trying to teach myself to crochet at the moment and make granny squares, but I'm not making very good progress! If the tutorials are something you decide to go ahead with you will have a dedicated follower here!

And P.S. I love the family feel to your blog. Reading it feels like curling up infront of an open fire with woolly socks and a good book!

Molly said...

We would use it, too. I could use a refresher on all the stuff my Grammy taught me when I was little that I've forgotten and it would be a good way for my girls to learn, too! Thanks for being willing!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be interested in learning more from you. I so enjoyed the two crochet tutorials you have already offered. It helps when trying to get started.

Anonymous said...

Please continue your crochet tutorials! The first two are just what I've been searching for. I'm left handed, but I think I can learn from watching. More please!

kate said...

i love your crochet videos. i'm planning on making a blanket for my little baby! i look forward to the next videos. thanks!