Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wow, I missed y'all!

All the parties are over. Thank you Jesus! For the last couple of days I have been winding down, getting some things together for the book, crocheting a baby blanket and bonnet for my Aunt Kim, and I have ordered a few books from Amazon (when they get here I will let ya know what I think). I just started these yesterday so they are only works in progress, but I had to show you something crafty. I love these colors! The bonnet pattern is in this Japanese crochet book, I think I will line it with some soft white batiste mmmmm...... The blanket is just an old granny square and I will probably end up lining it with the pin tucked fabric in the background. Molly the professional seamstress.

She saw a hole in Daddy's sweatshirt the other night and since she now has her own sewing machine she offered to fix it. Well she did! She pinched it together, added some green fabric, and sewed it up with some pink thread. Just beautiful. Daddy proudly wore it to the fire station the next day. Pictured below are some of her holiday crafts: a pot holder for me, and a baby pillowcase for Maddie. I love having another seamstress in the house.

I have some New Years Eve pictures to share. Hope you enjoy them. I just walked through my house and took pics of how full it was! Most of the kids were outside or in kid's rooms, I think the count was around 60 people including kids. We get together every year to burn the Christmas trees. This year we had five trees to burn! We cover them in diesel fuel, stand in a line, and we all shoot roman candles at the trees until they catch fire! It is so much fun, we all look forward to it every year. I cooked an 18 ct crock pot FULL of chili, a big crock pot full of cheese dip and a ton of brownies. A lot of people brought drinks and deserts too. We were eatin good! This is my father-in-law pointing out Ben's cousin's ahemm. He is so crazy! Yes he is the one with 12 kids. When I took these pictures a good bit of people were still outside with the fireworks, I wish I could have got everyone.


Anonymous said...

Y'all know how to throw a party!

Molly said...

Looks like a fun party and what a SWEET daddy to wear that lovingly patched shirt to work! :) Good sewin', Molly! :)

Sheila said...

OK Never heard of a "burn the trees" party! You all sure know how to have fun.
Molly-what a great job on all your projects so far. I know mama is proud of you.

Coming Along Nicely said...

Your family is such a contrast to mine. We had like 15 people over on Christmas and I that was alot for us. You're a champ to feed that many people.