Monday, December 17, 2007

You Asked For It!

This is Tim's story.

Here I am about a month before he was born at Molly's second birthday. She was Dorothy. Here we are in labor. I got to the hospital around 6am and had him around 12pm.

I only held him for a second then they took him. He was not breathing good, so he had to go to the NICU. At four weeks early he was 7 Lbs and14 oz and 19" long.It was four days before I held him again. I will never forget that feeling. He had pneumonia. In all the early pictures my nose was red from crying. I never knew till then how bad you could miss someone who was right there, I just needed him in my arms.

Ben was just as upset as me but he held it in a lot better. Thanks baby.

Our new family of four!

He was finally moved to a crib where I could hold him all I wanted during visiting hours, and boy did I take advantage of that!

He then became another "doll" that I could dress up and play with! When we finally made it home after 9 days in NICU, we had a lot of sleep to catch up on. And that's just what we did! Ben was so good about letting me rest, I have no idea how he made it through going back and forth between me and Timothy. He was perfect! We had to try it! We just needed to know if he would fit! This was Ben's idea in case you were wondering!


Corgan's Mom and Dad said...

how sweet! i can't believe how big your babies are even being so early. i love the hair shot. hehe i need to do that with corgan.


PAJNSTL said...

Lol @ at him in the little car seat!

You have cute kids!

terriblespeller said...

ok, you are like freakin' amazing. Thanks for finding my site so I could find you!

terriblespeller said...

oh, and I hardly ever ever do this, but I immediately added you to my blogroll. You've got a precious family.