Monday, December 3, 2007

Tree Skirt Tutorial

I have been wanting a quilted tree skirt, so I finally made one! I cheated. And I am going to teach you to cheat too! I started with a quilt-not a very warm quilt, which is why we never used it. I think this quilt was a full size, maybe twin? I can't remember! Nanny do you remember? Yes.... Nanny reads my blog, and she got this quilt for me ON SALE! All of my store bought quilts came from Nanny, she takes care of me :) Then I laid my old tree skirt over the quilt being very aware of the design. Keep the center front of your tree skirt on the center of the quilt, Make sure the center hole of the skirt, is in the center of the quilt (mark it with a water soluble pen). I then cut the skirt out using my old one as a pattern. I took the binding off the quilt, and used it around the tree skirt. I am lazy so I just pinned mine in back but you could add ribbons. I think another edging would be pretty too (instead of the binding) like wide crochet lace or those trims with the fuzzy little balls. I love the way this turned out! After a day of decorating and sewing we are finally done! Sorry about the dark pics, we had no daylight! Have you noticed that Maddie has to be in the middle of everything I am doing whether it's a picture or sewing she's right there in the middle!


Jazzy Chicks Comparison Shop said...

I can't believe nobody has commented on your beautiful tree skirt yet. I love how your skirt turned out and think you did a fantastic job! I want to make one now too, but luckily for me, I have a whole year to get started.
I'll let you know if I actually make one.

Anyway I'm glad I found your blog, and your children are beautiful.

I'll be back another day.

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Coming Along Nicely said...

That tree skirt is fabulous. Can I just say that the life size Santa scares me a little. Un piquito. hehe.

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

I'm going to go find an old quilt now and do the same thing. Keep it no one will "ever" know!


yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com