Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thank You

I have recently added a meter to my blog and wow! I never knew so many people would care what I have to say! Thank you! I wish you would all leave me a comment from time to time, I love hearing from you, it's so encouraging. There are a few people who comment but I have no way of getting back to them. Like Sheila, she always leaves the sweetest comments. I have so many sweet mamas who stop by. It's hard for me to believe anyone but my own mama would want to read anything that I wrote, with my horrible grammar, and bad pictures! God has blessed me with so many sweet friends. I want to thank you all for your friendship and support. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I will be pretty busy till after Christmas, but I will be back soon to show you Christmas dresses, hopefully some handmade gifts, and lots and lots of family pictures. As part of my Thank You I wanted to share some old pictures of Molly's arrival. I hope you enjoy.
This was the day before Molly arrived. I thought I was tired.
And here she is five weeks early, 6 Lbs 11 oz, 18" long.
Aunt Rae's first kiss!
This is my sweet brother Simon. My kids love to see Uncle Simon! He's the one that pushes them (for hours on end) around the floor in a box. This was his first day as an uncle. She had her daddy wrapped around her pinkie finger from the very first day. It is so crazy how young he looks in this picture. Going home! On the outside I was a pediatric nurse, but on the inside I was scared out of my mind! I knew I would be OK, but I also knew I would never sleep again! LOL!


PAJNSTL said...

I've never seen a woman who's just given birth sitting with her legs crossed in such a cute fashion! LOL

Your family pics made me smile!

Amy said...

leaving in your blue jeans too! those are sweet photos!

Sheila said...

I too remember that stroll out of the hospital with my first sweet baby girl like it was yesterday, and now she is 20! You all look so happy, and I know from your blog you still are; that's why we like reading it. You have a way of spreading your joy through just jotting down your thoughts-a true gift that I'm glad you can share!
God Bless You and your beautiful family this Christmas...
Love, Sheila
PS Can't wait to see those dresses, and pics of Christmas at your house!

SarahWhite said...

Love your blog...what a precious family you have! I'm a Bama girl too with 3 kids and live in Shelby County. Nice to meet you!

Corgan's Mom and Dad said...

awwww so sweet! now you have to share pics of your other babies early days too. :)


Mom2fur said...

I think 'mommy' and 'tired' are synonyms (sp?) but wow...what job pays off so well? Your pictures are so sweet.
BTW, every kid should have an 'Uncle Simon'!