Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Broidery

That's what I call her, "Broidery machine", cause I love her! So many people thought it must be very expensive that I just had to show her off. This is the Brother Disney that is in most Walmart stores, and that's where I got "Broidery". But later I found her here for $299! I still kept my Broidery, but about 5 friends got this one and we all love it. If you have any questions just ask.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I found your blog when looking for little girl dress tutorials. I saw your wonderful tees over the weekend and wondered what you use. Thanks for sharing the information and your beautiful work! You are an inspiration to this SAHM of 3!

Molly said...

You know, my hubby is not gonna like you for posting this info.! :) He will have no rest from hearing about it! :) Hee hee! Thanks for posting it!

Team Manager said...

Hi. I am not sure if my email made it to you or not. I had a few questions and wondered if you could answer them. Thanks for sharing!