Sunday, December 30, 2007

I promise to be back soon!

Molly got a sewing machine, Tim got a train table, and Maddie got a baby bed and a little kitchen. Then a lot more small stuff! I thought my house was so destroyed when I took this first picture! Then my mom and dad came and brought a VAN LOAD of gifts! Then I knew for sure it was destroyed! It took me half the day to my house to the point where it was tolerable! We were loving every minute of it!
We had the best Christmas ever! Ben says I say that every year, but it seems to get better every year. The older the kids get the more they look forward to our little Christmas traditions. I love that, that it's the same every year and you know just what to look forward to.
I will be back soon with all kinds of sewing and crochet projects, I promise! I am so busy right now with parties (yes, we are still partying!) and I am now working on book #2. I hope to have the book finished by March. Hope. The phase I am working on now is "the sewing phase", so for the next couple of weeks I will be making samples. I hope to add a couple of patterns to my Etsy shop too. Such high hopes! I am also going to offer a freebie pattern here. As I finish the samples I will give you a peek.


Anonymous said...

OK, I feel like a stalker. I have been lurking around getting to know you and your sweet family for a couple of weeks now. I decided to give a shout out. I think your work is wonderful. I wish I could crochet, I can make a chain stitch but that's it.
I shop at Elizabeth Anne's too. I live near, do you?
I saw the dotted swiss gowns for Lily and Iris, I even asked Shirley where can I get a book on those bullion Initial monograms, perfection! It must have been about the time you were teaching your class cause she said you were coming in to teach, anyway. I digress...What a small world!!
I, too, am a Nurse. How funny.
Only two kids though, girls. Very girly girls, almost 5 and almost 3. so much fun (so much work)
Love your blog, I am working on mine. would you visit (sniff, sniff in case I am lonely?) Just kidding, I am just so darn busy. would love to tap in to this e-commerce thing, I sew. Mostly for the girls and around the house, but I love your slipcovers... Wow.

I will visit again...


est said...

wow!!! what a superb blasting fun you all were having!! :) keep it on thru 2008!!!! yay

Sheila said...

I can feel the excitement at your house through the computer, all the way up the east coast! What fun. Can't wait to see your new creations and patterns. I'm still going to have to try to learn to crochet cause I love those edgings in your first book. I'm so happy for your success with it.
Happy New Year
XO Sheila
PS: tell Molly we want to see a picture of what she makes on her new sewing machine.