Monday, November 5, 2007

I Have a Bunch to Say!

To all of you lovely people who think that I am so smart for making my couch a slipcover, I am gunna tell you my secret. All I did was buy a book! I bought it at Hancock Fabrics ( way over priced and before I knew about Amazon), and it was worth every penny! I have made 3 slipcovers with this book, "So Simple Slipcovers" by: Gail Abbott and Kate Burren. There are detailed instructions on how to make the pattern, and how to sew it up.
If you plan to make a slipcover I advise you to WASH YOUR FABRIC FIRST! You will probably have to go to the laundry mat to wash this much fabric (because it will be all one piece) in one of those triple loaders, but I promise it is worth it! If you skip this step, the first time you wash your slipcover the fabric WILL shrink and you WILL cry. Another thing to remember: If you want to be able to dry your slipcover in the dryer, you need to dry the fabric (all the way) in the dryer while you are at the laundry mat.
This is the first slipcover I made with this book. I found this "nursing glider" at Babys R Us on sale for $129 because it was the floor model, it was pink and white gingham. Sorry for such dark pictures, the sun has not wanted to come out today. This is my dad's old office chair that I covered (in about 45min) with a pretty thrifted sheet to spruce up my sewing area.
While we are on the subject of home decor I have to show you my new sofa table ( at least I think that's what they call'em) . OK I'm gunna stop right there and just explain something real quick, I have never said the word sofa in my life! Where I come from we have couches (this is another Uncle Bubba kind of thing!), we don't have sofas. When I say couch I really mean "cow-ch", cause that's how we say it. Is this a southern thing? Please tell me what you call your cowch, I would really love to know. So back to the table ( sofa table or cowch table?.......see now I am really confused!) Kim's mom, whom I have never met or talked to, sent me this "holy grail", an antique sewing machine which I am going to use as a cowch table. I am in love with this table!!!!! I put it in my living room so that people see it as soon as they walk in the door, it is amazing! Kim's mom is the sweetest little lady! She has never seen my face and she sends me the "holy grail"?! Can you believe that? The only way she knows me is through Kim's stories of me, and I think she may have read my blog a few times. Kim's mom, if you read this, I love you(!) and I will be calling you soon to tell you exactly how happy this table has made me.

This is another book I wanted to share with you, "Sew Pretty Homestyle" by: Tone Finnager. There are 35 projects (with patterns) in this book, and I can honestly say I would try every one! My favorites are these sweet lil slippers and bags that I am thinking about making for Christmas gifts.
Next up, I have an announcement to make:
Starting this month I plan to post one tutorial a month and I want your input. What do you want to learn? My first will be piping, how to make it and insert it into a seam. My next tutorial will probably be pintucks. Are you in? I have some others that I have been thinking about too such as, smocking, embroidery, applying lace, lace insertion, rick rack seams, ect......
By the way, if you think you can't leave comments because you do not have a blogger account, you can! You can either sign up with google or blogger with just a couple of clicks, or leave me an anonymous comment (remember to leave your email address if you are asking me a question) it's that easy!
This is what I need from you:
Couch, cowch, or Sofa?
What do you want to learn from me?
Thanks for hanging in there friends, I know this was a long one! Love you all and I can't wait to hear from you!


dizzyjadey said...

We use both sofa and couch! Sometimes we even use lounge, just to keep it interesting. And I'd love to learn more about pintucks and lace insertion, thanks.

Molly said...

In the Midwest we have always said, seriously, I'm else do you pronounce "couch"? Also, we say "coffee table". "Sofa" was always what the snooty people said...he he, but I am a bit of a country bumpkin at heart! :) As far as tutorials...would love to learn about pintucks and maybe some crochet stitches since I only know the very basics. Thanks for asking! I will have to check back to read your responses to the whole couch thing! :)

Sheila said...

I have one of those table too. Isn't it a treasure! Here's an idea I know you will love. I found an antique typewriter (the old black uprights) at a yardsale, and put it on the table. I print out a bible verse or poem and put it in the typewriter. It looks so cute, and your guests get to see your message.
As far as tutorials, I too would like some beginning crochet. Then I could buy your book. I love the edgings, but have not crocheted before.

Sheila said...

Oh yeah, we say couch or sofa here in Maryland! Come to think of it, whoever heard of a sofa-potatoe?

Lorissa said...

Couch!! Grew up in San Diego. My Dad used to say sofa though...but no one else.

How funny!

Mom2fur said...

I'm still impressed! It takes a lot of patience to do something like that!
Hmmm...sometimes I say couch and sometimes I say sofa. Mostly, 'couch.' I have lived on Long Island (NY) all my life, but my parents were from Ohio. So I have a sort of 'in-between' way of talking.

wool food mama said...

Thank you for all of the slipcover tips. Someday....

Elle said...

The couch table is a treadle sewing machine, and many are still in use.

I know, because my sewing machine is one of these, and still works.