Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Am Back

First up, cuteness!
Lily left and Iris right

This was my latest project, a slipcover, uurrgghhh....... I hate to sew slipcovers! I have sewn a few in the past but I think I hate it more every time! I am so glad to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always enjoyed before and after pics so I took some for you.

I needed another couch for my living room cause we couldn't all fit on just one anymore. My living room has always needed another couch anyhow, because it is so big but I never found what I wanted for the right price(CHEAP!). A very dear friend of mine when I mentioned my hunt for a couch offered her couch that had been in storage. Yay! Free, I couldn't pass up that deal, but as you see it was a little out of date. I loved the bones of the couch so I decided a slipcover would be perfect. I waited until I found a good deal on fabric (CHEAP!) and I started the never ending project! Four days later, a slipcovered couch. So what do you think?


est said...

i think the slipcover is totally awesome!!!! for me, this is going to be a profesional job! oh my, all the curve and the measurement and everything is just so hard for me! whoa~you are so great!:)

Molly said...

Ok, first things first...the babies are adorable! :) Oh, and your slipcover is great, too! he he! You have much more patience than I do, Lady! I'll call you when I'm ready to do you take long distance orders?!? :) LOL

Mom2fur said...

Look at those two precious flowers! So cute!
And wow, am I impressed:you make slipcovers! Wow! I wouldn't even know where to begin. Your 'new' couch looks so fresh and pretty!
(PS--hopped over here from Sewing Mamas!)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your fabric for the couch? The slipcover is great, I have been wanting to do one. What did you hate about sewing them?