Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday My Little Angels

Today is Lily and Iris' due date. Today is the day they should have arrived, but we have had them here for eight weeks now. They're perfect. It is hard to imagine not having them here for all this time. As I write this it is hard to keep from crying. There was only a 50% chance that both our babies would make it here. Rae (my sister) was told at her first ultrasound that the babies (my nieces) shared the same amniotic sac, there was a very high risk of the babies becoming entangled, or one twin getting most of the nourishment. We did not believe the report. We all decided that this pregnancy was in God's hands and there WOULD be two babies in the end. We were all so excited in the waiting room waiting to see our angels, there was no fear present. The doctor came into the waiting room and explained, with tears in his eyes, how shocked he was to find two healthy baby girls, with SIX TRUE KNOTS in their cords! They were so entangled that when the doctors pulled Lily out Iris was right with her, they were born in the same minute! There were three doctors, several nurses, and technicians in the room; when both babies came out screaming, they were all in tears. Our family has been so blessed!

Rae is the best little mama! I am constantly amazed at how well she does with two little ones. Just nursing two babies is a tough job! Jake is always there to help, he is very involved and the best part is HE LETS HER TAKE NAPS!!!! Now that is a good daddy!

Jake and Lily

The nursery. IrisNana and Papa holding our babies for the first time.

Jake, holding his little flowers. Those outfits are for American Girl Bitty Baby dolls. Hehe! First night at home.

First bath!


est said...

gorgeous!GORGEOUS!!!babies!!! they're so cute in the flowers costume!!!

and you got tag!from me :)more on my blog

Mom2fur said...

Oh, how sweet!!!! I love them! And to think they are so tiny they can wear doll clothes! May they grow in health...I can already see they'll grow in love!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Samantha, I had no idea they shared the same sac! I just saw a show on Discovery Health about that and how rare and potenitally disastrous it is. All babies are miracles, but some are extra HUGE ones! I am so glad your sweet little girls are doing well. Every time you post on SM, I can feel the depth of the love in every word you write about them.

Sara (Boho_Mama)

Coming Along Nicely said...

They are sooo very wonderful! You and their mama are both very lucky ladies to be able to see them grow together. I hear it's a phenomenon.