Monday, October 22, 2007

"Sugar and Spice" and "Snakes and Snails"

Do you see it? Look closer....... now? It is the difference between boys and girls. Look at Molly with a sweet bouquet of flowers gently cradled in her arm with that lovely smile on her face; then Maddie, only 22mo old, working so intently arranging her flowers; then there's Timothy holding a sprawling handful of flowers with roots attached, littering my porch with clumps of dirt, and a huge smile on his dirty little face. Isn't it beautiful. I can't even begin to explain how that sprawling, dirty, bouquet is just as beautiful as the dainty, carefully arranged one. This is my favorite part of my job, these daily glimpses into "the heart of a child", it is truly amazing! The day after our trip to the emergency room Ben took Tim on his very first all night hiking trip. The trip had been planned for so long they decided to go broken arm and all! Timothy carried his own pack in on the 2 mile hike to camp, I am so proud of my little man! They had a wonderful time and came home tired and hungry the next day. I keep forgetting to post this bubble I made for a friend of my moms. I used linen, light blue bias binding, and I appliqued a little owl on the front. The mama who was to receive this wanted something plain and boyish, I hope this fits the bill!


est said...

hope tim's hand going to be well soon :)

Molly said...

Aaw, what sweet gifts they had for their mommy! (love the dirt clumps!) Can't wait to enter that world of boys after 3 girls! Should be interesting! I think it's great that your hubby took your little guy camping...what great memories they made! My hubby just started doing "Daddy dates" with our girls and they absolutely LOVE it! Your onesie is really cute, by they way. Take care.

Coming Along Nicely said...

I heart owls.