Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Picture Day!

I have so many silly pictures of my kids, but I can never find the right place to put them in this blog! I have decided that I will have "Picture Day" so that I will be able to share all my goofy pics! My kids are gunna love this.
First up is my little mama, Madeline, I love this picture of her nursing her baby. She is such a good mama!
Then there is one of our zoo trips ( we have year long passes) . This bird really liked Molly! After seeing what the bird had done to Molly, Maddie made it clear up front, there would be none of that business near her! You can just see her mouth saying "NO NO BIRD!" and that little finger, how funny! Then there was the monkey show OUTSIDE the monkey cage! LOL These kids are a trip! We had people stopping to see the kids instead of the poor monkeys! When they were thirsty Ben bought a soda out of the machine, MOUTIAN DEW! What were we thinking! Caffeine was not the answer! Yes! This is a cows butt. When my kids walked in and saw this huge rear they requested to have their picture made in front of it. They share their mothers sense of humor! This is my "Crazy Eyed Cowboy", he is such a ham!
Ben came home from the fire station with 3 foot long gummy snakes! Have you ever seen anything like this? They were so funny when they locked eyes with these gummies! Hope you all enjoy my silly kids! They love to see themselves on the computer they think they are famous! I always read the kids all the comments about them and THEY LOVE IT! So please leave them a comment on their very first Picture Day.


blessyourheart said...

LOVE IT ! All the pictures are great !

est said...

yr kids really incredible fun to be look at! especially they were having so much fun at the zoo! and i definitely like madeline nursed her dolly! so cute! my ashley done that too :)
i couldn't share these pics with ashley coz she sure pestering me for the gummy snakes!! :P

Amy said...

your children are beautiful! I really like their new dresses!

Becky Hodges said...

hi caffee kids! i love all your silly new pictures. i'm looking at them and sending my love from the other side of the world in guam (that's under japan!).

- Becky

Molly said...

What great pics! Looks like you were having fun! My girls think those snakes are "SO cool!" Have a great day!

Yummers! said...

I am so far behind in comments. Sorry, Samantha.

I love your 'Picture day" pictures... they are precious!!

And congrats on the twins and being a new auntie. They're adorable! And you and your sister look so much alike.

I'll try to be a better writer.

Random samplings of my Delightful Life said...

I think you take better pictures than you give yourself credit for. I took one of your pictures and touched it up just to show you that most good pictures are “messed” with at least a little. Be patient with your self. It looks like you have the artsy hands that will make learning to take good pictures come naturally. I love to look at what other people do and try it out myself. I think that is the best way for me to learn something new.
Thank you for your nice comments. I have just gotten into being more serious about taking pictures so it is very nice to here good feedback.

Allyson Hill said...

I want one of those gummy worms too! I bet they were really good. Did you share any with your Mom? You guys are SO funny. Please keep smiling and making such silly pictures!