Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lily and Iris

Daddy's girls.
YAY!!!!! Our babies are off all oxygen!! they only have IV's now! Both are feeding well, and Rae and Jake get to hold them a couple of times a day. These baby girls have been amazing, I am so proud! I never knew how this would feel, being an aunt, I LOVE IT! I can barely look at them and I have tears streaming down my face, they are so perfect and beautiful! If I skip a day going to see them I can't stand it, I just miss them so bad. I will have pics in the next couple of days of their faces. Rea and Jake are tired but they are doing great.
On another note:
My birthday is Sunday and my Anniversary was last week, Ben came home last night with
one of these!!! I got an iPhone! I am such a nerd, I love this thing!


blessyourheart said...

LOVE the picture ! I can hardly wait to see the darlings in church. Still in shock that you have and I phone considering ... hmm maybe you are secretly a techie.

Molly said...

Aaaaw, love that picture! What a happy daddy! So glad they are off oxygen! What a blessing! Happy birthday...enjoy your iphone!