Thursday, October 18, 2007

*Boy* have I been busy!

Yep, it's broke! He was wrestling with his little cousins and his arm ended up on bottom. He is so proud of his blue cast, he thinks it is so tough! How tiny is that cast! We knew it would happen one day, I'm surprised- as rough as he is - that it has been this long. This happened last night but he did not act like it hurt too bad, so we let it go. Then around 1am he woke crying, by then he was hurting. This morning we went to the emergency room (our family doc can't cast or X-ray in the office) where they said his arm was broke, put him in a splint, and sent us to the orthopedic doc for a bright blue cast.
Emily and Elizabeth
On to more girlie things.... I made Molly and Madeline dolls with the pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. I was wondering how the girls would warm up to the dolls, kinda worried they would not care too much for them, but I think I'm safe! I gave them the dolls on Sunday morning and Maddie fell asleep in church with hers. YAY! They passed the test, I am so excited!
So here is my pattern review:
The dolls were very easy to make if you follow the instructions carefully. I would recommend that if you make this doll you spring for the wool felt. I do not have access to wool felt where I live, so I just bought some of the cheap felt. The cheap felt has already started to get those little, fury, balls all over. I am going to make Lily and Iris dolls next week so I need to order some wool felt. Does anyone know an online source for wool felt? I would love to hear where you get yours. You can find the pattern by clicking ~here~.


Molly said...

Oh no! Poor guy! Did he get some relief from the pain when they cast it? Been there, not fun!...our oldest broke hers at about the same age. Is that one of the water-proof casts? That is what she had and it was GREAT! Very lightweight and didn't hold her back from anything that summer! Hope he's feeling better soon!

Mary said...

Poor little guy! He looks so cute, though. And I love the love the sweet doll is getting.

Janet said...

I hope his arm heals perfectly. Poor little guy.

I was trying to follow the links to the doll pattern but couldn't. Would you care to be more specific, Samantha? I love the dolls. They are sooo cute. And I want to make some. I'm going to post this on the msg board, too. Thanks. Janet

Jessica said...

My little girl broke her arm at 18 months when she crawled out of her crib. It awful!

On a lighter note, I just made 6 Olive dolls for Christmas and 1 Spaceboy for a birthday. Wee Wonderfulls is rad. Anyway, glad you found my blog and I am sooooo jealous of those 10 acres!