Saturday, September 8, 2007

We have been busy!

Yay! I have a finished product! Now I have some baby gifts to get caught up on. I hope to be able to finish everything Monday. Click this pic to read the front cover. Ben, AKA the best dad in the world, has been finishing up the best tree house in the world. He says he will be completely done by next saturday. The kids are in love with this tree house, they have saved Birthday, Christmas, and Tooth Fairy money for about a year and a half! Dad is putting the roof on.

Front view

Side view

The kids have decided that the toy boxes are better for watching movies than for toys!


Angela said...

That tree house is awesome! And your husband looks hunky building it! (Don't worry, I'm not coveting. LOL)
What cuties in their plastic bins!

Molly said...

Now, that would have to be one HUGE tree for that tree house to fit in! What an awesome house! I'm not going to show my girls or they would be totally jealous! Wouldn't want to encourage them to covet or anything! :) Ha ha! Your kids look cute watching their video, too. Isn't it funny how they find such interesting uses for things?!

dizzyjadey said...

What a cool tree/cubby house! Your kids can move in it when they're old enough to move out....he he he! Then you can still keep an eye on them.

Coming Along Nicely said...

That is a very cool daddy there.