Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Little Flowers

Rae and Molly
Jake and Molly
Lily is such a sweet girl, so laid back, easy goin, and she is still doing great; Iris is our little firecracker, she has been so active they had to sedate her because she was trying to pull the vent out! What sweeties, I love that we can already see their little personalities! Iris is starting to wean off the vent and will hopefully be off by tomorrow. Lily is doing so well that they expect Rae will be able to hold her tonight. Rae is feeling much better today , a little more "with it", she was able to stay with the girls for a couple of hours last night. Rae is the sweetest little mama, she seems more experienced than most new moms; Jake has been such a dedicated daddy, he has held up so well, taking care of all three of them at once. I am so proud of them! You would not believe this is their first! Please continue to pray for them, as they have a few more stressful days ahead. Thanks to you all! I will have more pics of Lily and Iris tomorrow.


posiepatchwork said...

Oh Congratulations super aunty!! They are so beautiful & even though they are very early, they have great colour & look strong. I'll pop over to Rae's blog to leave her a message too!! Yippee, you know, as my OB said "let's get them out so we can see them properly" they are safe now. Love Posie

blessyourheart said...

I am torn between a laugh and a good cry as this post has especially touched my heart. So happy to hear that all is well.