Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is the bread that I have carefully cared for the last 10 days, mushing the bag everyday, letting the air out, adding ingredients; but it was not good enough, I just don't have it. My friend Kim is like Betty Crocker, she can cook anything and make it taste good-I on the other hand, following the directions exactly, can't bake a simple loaf of bread. My sweet husband said he liked it, and I admit it did taste OK, but it could have been so much more. If only.....
Dear bread,
Why after I cared for you so did you not rise? I thought about you every day, held you, did everything as I was told; yet it was not enough. What could I have done different? I know I did not have a proper loaf pan, but I gave you the best I had! How could you do this to me after all I have done!
Kim has a blog now! She is so funny! Please drop by and leave her a comment. Just click on Kim to see her blog.


blessyourheart said...

Oh, honey bless your heart. I am so proud of you for trying !! Bread is so temperamental and I know you did all you could with it for it to turn out um,well different than you had thought it should. Dearest do not blame yourself as I am sure the starter was at fault. I am planning to make a few loafs tomorrow and I will happily put up a loaf for your family.

blessyourheart said...

Ok I actually put loafs instead of loaves, arg, I hate foolish errors, so do forgive me for it dear heart.

Molly said...

Oh you poor thing, don't happens to everybody at one time or another...especially with bread! I LOVE to cook and bake and the other day I had a major FLOP with the BREAD MACHINE of all things...isn't that supposed to be fool proof?! Guess not! Oh, well, these situations are good for giving us a good chuckle, right?! :) Keep on keeping on!

Coming Along Nicely said...

I feel ya.

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