Friday, September 14, 2007

A Firefighters Wife

I did not hear from Ben last night before we went to bed, that always freaks me out. I called him about midnight and got no answer. This happens every now and then when he has a call in the night, we pray for him, and I put the kids to bed, and try not to worry ( never works by the way!). I called this morning and he had been up all night on a commercial fire, and he is fine. I can't explain that feeling of panic, it is so crazy! I'm just sitting at home wondering where he is and if he is OK. He emailed me some pictures of early this morning, I was so glad to see his dirty face! They made me so happy I just had to share them. Now I can't wait to get him home, feed him, and put him to bed, poor guy! Ben Ben and Nate These guys are so tired!


Katie said...


I can't even imagine that "trying not to worry" feeling.

Your site it beautiful and your work divine.


Amy said...

I understand! I've been married to a professional firefighter for 17 years! Oh! he does not tell me everthing because I am such a worry wart! I love those photos with the soot on their faces! Your blog is nice! I love that little bag with the dress too! have a nice weekend

blessyourheart said...

Glad to know "Dr. Love" made it through ok.