Thursday, August 2, 2007

YAY! I've Been Tagged

So, from what I understand I am supposed to tell you some random facts about ME. 1) My husband Ben, accuses me of "lovin clucked up stuff", In other words, old, vintage, or antique. Hehe. When Ben built our house (with his own two hands, took him 1 year and 3 mo.) he was forced (by me of course) to make it look old. I told you I was born in the wrong decade! So here is a pic of my master bath in construction. Wish you could see the french doors, with antique glass knobs, that is between my master bedroom and master bath! This was an English wash stand, Ben converted it to a sink.

2) I have to wear a Brethine pump and take progesterone injections when I am pregnant to keep me from going in early labor. The pump goes in my leg and pumps a continuous stream of medicine into my body. I have never been full term, I have always delivered at least a month early, Molly (6lbs 11 oz) was 5 wks early, Tim (7lbs 12 oz) and Madeline (7lbs 6oz) were 4 wks early. Tim is the only one that had to stay in the NICU. I want at least a few more children and I wish they would come on now! I'm tired of waiting!

2) I Was a nurse at Childrens Hospital before I had Molly. I loved it! When my kids are all grown I want to go back as a lactation nurse, something I already have about 4 years experience in!

3) I visit an Amish community often (about three hours away), and have become friends with a few of the men and women there. I receive mail from them sometimes. It's crazy how excited I am when I get a letter from an Amish man, telling me a home remedy for poison oak! I'm insane. I know!

4) My kids and I watch The Waltons. Yes, I admit it! We have every season on DVD. There is something strangely satisfying about doing embroidery or crochet while I watch The Waltons. My kids love it so much that sometimes we "pretend its raining" and "snickle up" (snuggle up) on the couch and watch "The Walt-Walts". I am telling the truth. I am a nerd and don't care! Hehe.

5) I have a pic of Ben and I, at our kindergarten graduation, sitting together eating. We grew up together in church and our moms were friends. We never dated, though we always secretly liked each other, until 6wks before we got engaged, then 11mo later, we were married. This pic is when Molly was a baby. Being the oldest of twelve kids, he is a very involved daddy! This man is hysterical! We are constantly laughing. He's perfect, and I still like him! hehe.

6) Before I had my gallbladder out (september "06"), I had these weird reactions every day or two, where I would break out in hives or my lips would swell, for no apparent reason! And when I say swell I mean SWELL ! Turned out I was allergic to myself, not really, but I was allergic to my rotting gallbladder! They said it was something to do with red heads, see there is a price to pay for having hair you don't have to color! So, because I have no shame, I'm gunna show you a pic. Keep in mind, this is one and a half hours after taking a double dose of Benadryl. An hour after taking this pic I ended up in the hospital (it moved to my throat), but it's still funny! Go ahead hunny, you can laugh, don't be shy! Oh, there are my french doors behind me! Yay you get to see the french doors (over my shoulder to the right)! Eat your heart out Angelina Jolie. Hehe! Now you see why Ben and I are always laughing! Plenty to laugh at!

Are you still laughing? OK. Shu-up! Joe, Aunt Wendy, and Nanny, for real..... shu-up now! Kim you too! Hehe.

7) I gave my kids the Chicken pox last summer. Yes, we had an old fashioned chicken pox party and we got'em over with. My kids loved the chicken pox, and to this day Molly still tells she wishes she could have them again. The kids all had a good enough case that there are no worries of getting them again; but not a bad case, so they had fun taking lots of oatmeal baths and counting spots! Hehe! Oh, and Nana and Papa brought "prizes". So here is the pox pic. Molly was pretty healed up, Tim was mid way, and Maddie was breaking out.

OK. It's late I've got to get to bed. Hope you enjoy my crazy randomness!

Oh and one more thing!

8) My Nanny and Great uncle Bubba read my blog. Yes, uncle Bubba. Shu-up! We live in Alabama OK!

One more just for laughs!


Anonymous said...

You are too much. Love you Aunt Wendy

dizzyjadey said...

You cracked me up! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

I dont even know how I found you, but your hilarious, and I will continue to come back and read your posts. I myself am a mother of 4 and have a great big childish husband too.

SoarAU said...

I enjoyed reading the post about the British accents and the bed. I remember when we used to play pirates on that same 'boat'.

Take care,