Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yay! Baby Tea Pics

My sweet Rae. Isn't she lovely! She got so many gifts that she had to open some when it was over! This is what happens when you hold a baby around here. I was laughing at how I drew the little girls in! If you hold the baby they will come. Haha! My precious lil angels.
Did you notice my favorite couch, from my bedroom, made an appearance at the tea. Love it!


Yummers! said...

Hi Samantha,
Your TEA looks wonderful!!! You really did a beautiful job. I love the photo of you with the baby and all the little girls standing around you in dresses and bows. And your 2 wee ones are sooooo sweet. Must get that from their mom.

I think your idea of printing out your posts is a great idea. I've heard a lot of other people talk about that they blog to keep a record of family history.
PS Your magazine is in a mailer and addressed but haven't gotten to the post office yet. Will try to get their Monday morning. Sorry!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Oh memories!!! I have identical twin girls that were born via C-section at 37 weeks. They were so small then and now they will be 3 in only a couple of weeks.

Tell your sister Rae that it is a challenge in the beginning but to hang in there. After they start eating some whole foods (I bought myself one of those baby food blenders and made my own), the load will lighten a little. Plus, they will always have a built in playmate!!!

Best Wishes,
Lisa (the bear artist)