Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Pillow Kick

I have been on this kick for a couple of days, all I can think about is pillows. Pretty, vintage , heirloom, retro, floral pillows all over! Last night I finally broke and started making pillows, this is the result. I found an old piece of fabric, with embroidery on it, at the thrift store a couple of years ago. I backed it with the red fabric and made a little pillow. I made forms out of interfacing and put snaps on the back of all the pillows, so they are washable! Yes! Molly had to have a couple too. She is ready for a big girl room, I'm sure you will see pics of that in the next couple of weeks. Oh and I forgot to tell everyone that MOLLY LOST HER TOOTH! See it's the bottom one. Molly is on the right. This is Molly's friend Emily.


hannah said...

Hi, Just discovered your blog and it is so lovely!!! Your children are darling, I love the pic on the post before with all the little girls stood around you holding the baby!!! it is so funny how babies are a magnet to little girls. They all look so sweet in their dresses too, did you make them all? I have had a few attempts at dressmaking for my little ones, I have just been reading your instructions for the little dress and bloomers, I must have a go at that! (might need some new fabric first, heehee!!!). going to browse your archives tomorrow!!

Leisa said...

Just found your blog. Love the beautiful dresses, so lovely to see little girls dressed like little girls. Beautiful baby sewing too!!