Monday, August 6, 2007

Molly's Bedtime Prayer

Last night as soon as I heard it, I got out of bed, and wrote it down word for word.
Lord...please help mama have another baby....a baby sister that I can love and take care of....and Lord....please help us have good dreams birthday party ones....and Lord thank you for Jesus. Amen.
I love that she asked God for a specific kind of dream, it was so precious!
What a sweet baby.
Molly and Papa (my dad) at the beach last year.


amandajean said...

oh, that is just too sweet! so glad that you wrote it down. just precious.
love that beach photo, too.

Yummers! said...

The prayer is precious! You're so wise to have written it down. I wish I could go back to when my girls were little and capture those things.

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Shelina said...

What a sweet prayer. And the photo is absolutely gorgeous!

Angela said...

That's awesome. I wish I had written more things down my kids said when they were little.