Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm a Rockin Girl Blogger!!!!!

I just think I'm HOT SNOT! I have got the Rocking Girl Blogger Award!!!

Now I get to nominate five of my favorite blogs!

1) Kuky Ideas Cause she is one of the first people I met here in blog world and she is sooo funny!

2)Posie Patchwork "The blog" Cause she has very good advice on doing markets and she sews beautifully.

3) Honey Bunch Quilting Cause she has some of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen!

4)The Cake Parlor Oooh My! I could eat this blog! It is full of gorgeous treats and cakes!

5) The Stilwell Family Molly is a wonderful person! She and her family are missionaries in Peru, I so admire her work!


Yummers! said...

I'm anxious to read the blogs of your 5 favorites. Especially the missionary family... what a heart they must have.
Thanks for the new links.

est said...

congratulations!! kuky ideas also one of my fav blog too!

Lucy Locket said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog and congrats on being "Rockin!" Lucy said...

Hot Snot you most definetly are! Well done you - your work is lovely, really inspiring!


Yummers! said...

Congrats again Samantha. And I wanted to let you know I have A GIVEAWAY going on my site. Come over and get your name in for a prize.