Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another Old Pic

I found this pic today. There are several reasons why I love it. I love that pacifier that Molly has in her mouth, it has built on teeth. hehe! She also has a patch on her eye because she had scratched it. I love to see pics of Tim as a baby, because I barely remember it. Tim was sick until he was 6 mo with pneumonia, RSV, ear infections, and asthma. We found out Molly had a blood disease 6 days before Tim got here (she is now in full remission) so she was sick too. I was so busy that I do not remember a lot about him being a baby. Molly had to be tested every week and was on treatments, and we were at the doctor just as much with Tim. This pic makes me grateful for my perfect angels. I love that lamp behind my head, Ben's grandmother gave it to me. I love that purse, it is one of my favorites. Off to the right you can see into my bedroom, on the right is the couch in front of my bed, and to the left is my cradle. I love to see that cradle! My grandfather made it for me when I was pregnant with Molly. We use it for the first 6-8 mo that we have a new baby, then back to the attic it goes. I wish that cradle was in my room again right now. Hope you all had a good weekend. I will have pics of the finished twin dresses soon. CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE

EDIT: I have come back to this post a day later and decided to add this, it's my favorite pic of my mom. I think the only reason this woman was put on this earth was to be a Nana!This is the day Madeline was born and she was holding Tim, he had just woke from a nap and she was telling him the news. I love this one! Doesn't she look pretty.


Yummers! said...

Your sewing, smocking, and embroidery is absolutely the most beautiful work I've ever seen. You are making heirlooms to be cherished for generations.

Molly said...

I have been lurking around your blog for a couple of weeks and decided it was finally time to comment! I found it when I was looking for a dress tutorial and have hung around ever since! I figure anyone with a daughter named Molly has to have good taste! ha ha! Plus, I love to sew and craft, too...your projects are gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the green dress you made for your daughter...any chance of a pattern or tutorial?!? I have 3 little girls that would look adorable in that!:) I look forward to checking back and seeing your newest projects!

Corgan's Mom and Dad said...

hey sam! it's danielle. not sure if you remember me or not. i was in master's in 2000-2001 and was from jerry sims' church. rachel gave me your blog address. i LOVE your dresses! you are so blessed with a gift! you made such beautiful creations. makes me wish i had a girl...haha but i love my little man. :) hey, email me what you do to get your kids to sleep through the night... corgan is 7 weeks old and slept through last night for the first time but i want to get something to keep it consistant. rachel said you have a routine that works so i'm curious. :) thanks!