Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Lil Tough Guy And His First Shiner

Now if this ain't tough, I don't know what is! How funny is this? That big black eye (that looks much worse in person), sucking his thumb, curled up in mama's bed asleep. Now if you ask him what happened he will tell you" somebody shoot me", and I have tried to tell him that this story does not add up! I tell him, say sissy punched you (that's what he calls Molly), but to him this does not add up! So the real story is......when my firefighter is at the station my kids sleep with me. I put them to bed and went to turn the light off. I was headed back to the bed when I heard Timothy start screaming! I ran back to the light switch and found out Molly had accidentally elbowed him right in the eye. I think it is so cute my lil man with a shiner. Am I weird? This is today day four, it looked pretty bad today. This was the morning after it happened, you could barely tell it was just a little blue. He's so cute!

Just had to add this one in. They said they were going to the "candy store". hehe!


Mary said...

Poor little guy!

est said...

ya luckily it didn't hit at his little eye. i'll dab the bruise with a very boiled egg (unbreak)so that it won't swollen.