Friday, May 25, 2007

Just a Few Dresses From This Year

Click pic to see detail.
Sorry for the bad pics, my camera has seen better days.
This was Molly's easter dress this year, it's one of my favorite dresses. Made of linen batiste, with crochet lace to entredeux around the neck and sleeves, lace tape shaped bow, and I attached the yoke to the skirt with crochet to entredeux. The hand embroidery is very tiny with itty bity bullion roses . Love it! Ohh, and I almost forgot the hand pinstiching around the much fun. Did I mention the sleeves? Little cap sleeves with entredeux and crochet. Love, love, love it!
This dress was for a black and white wedding Molly was in at Christmas. It's made of satin batiste and has silk satin ribbon, entredeux, hand embroidery, and tiny crochet lace to entredeux on the sleeve.This is what I did this Sunday afternoon after church for Maddie, I like the pleats with the gathers in the front.
I love the tie in the back. This dress and lil bare feet are more than I can handle.


dizzyjadey said...

Love the yellow dress with the tie back and the red dress. So gorgeous!

est said...

wow! you are so good at making these adorable beautiful dresses!!

Angela said...

Gorgeous! That easter dress is exquisite. I don't crochet but that makes me wish I did. I've done it but don't really like it.
I am loving all these dresses.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a tutorial for the crochet on the Easter dress?