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Bloom Watch

 I always get so happy for any bloom, I obsessively check them. I can be found outdoors in the mornings of early spring talking to any plant about to bloom, but a bloom indoors?! It's so rare and beautiful that it just gets me so excited! When the weather turns cold I can normally depend on an orchid or peace lily bloom, sometimes a begonia, and I have forced bulbs in water around January and February when I'm just itching to see life, but dear friends.... it's my snake plant this time! In all the years I've had snake plants I've never had one bloom! And I've tried! I always give them the entire summer vacation in the greenhouse and never had a bloom. This year when I brought all the plants inside I spotted this little shoot and I squealed! Then I showed the babies (my four youngest are ages 7-10 now but they will always be "the babies") and they squealed!  I thought I would show you guys too! Enjoy my almost bloom in a cozy corner of my kitchen where it can be admired by all, and a few other blooms I've watched this year. <3




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