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Are you as nosey as I am?

Thanks for all of the loft love! During the days that we were working on the sewing loft any spare moment that I wasn't needed I was scouring the internet for pictures of other's sewing spaces. (Can you tell I still haven't decided on an official name?) I found myself zooming in to see their cool sewing/crafting stuff! It was like crafter's eye candy! But I was frustrated a few times when I couldn't quite make something out. I'm just so interested in the way other crafters work and play! So I have decided to do a few posts (spread out a bit) on specific areas of this new wonderful space of mine, and maybe share a few tips along the way. Feel free to join in by adding links in the comment section to your own space. I seriously can't get enough of looking at craft rooms!

This is the first little area I want to share. I guess I am extra excited about this section because I've never had a cutting table before. On top are the girl's Easter dresses (or what I have so far, you will see more of those later in the week) my cutting mat (pink- of course), a pin cushion, a cute tin to hold odds and ends, and my new pattern weights (more about those in a minute).

Under the table is a wine rack style box where I keep my smaller pieces of fabric. You know those pieces that aren't quite big enough to be folded but they aren't small enough to go to the scrap bag either, yeah, this is THE perfect spot. They are so pretty and happy there too aren't they! Ben made this box for me a few months back and I'm sure I couldn't live without it now. On top of that is my light box (He made me that too. How awesome is this guy?!) On top of the light box are a few work-in-progress pattern drafts, and above that is my pleater. In the can next to the fabric box are all of my long rolls of drafting papers, master copies of my patterns, and tracing paper. I found this to be the best storage method, both for looks and for keeping them from getting bent (the printer does not like creases in master copies).

Now to the pattern weights! I am overly giddy about having pattern weights! It makes cutting so much faster! I just lay a few weights down on the pattern pieces, cut around using my rotary cutter, and it's done! It's like magic I tell you. I made these pattern weights from big nuts that were left over from building our house. They were so easy! I just wrapped them in ribbon and using a hot glue gun.

I love the way they look in this picture all stacked on the table, of course it could partly be the fabric too. By the way, I'm a little giddy about that fabric too. That is some of Jennifer Paganelli's new Flower Power fabric that was sent here for me to sew a sample with! Jennifer picked MY Miss Madeline pattern to use as HER sample to sell her gorgeous fabric! Can you believe that?? It's actually a pretty awesome story too. I'll save that for another post because it's so cool I need a whole post to explain it! She's an awesome designer, I love her, and I will tell you the rest later.

Here is a picture of the hardware I used in case you are up for making your own. Those squares on the mat are 1" so the bigger weights are a little bigger than 1" and the smaller ones are a little smaller than 1". Clear as mud? LOL!

I better get going and do some more Easter sewing. Don't forget to add links! We all want to nosey around your space too!




NoReply said…
Since moving in with mum to help look after her - our space is at a premium (we have the use of one bedroom and one sitting room) - so my 'sewing loft' is more like a 'sewing chair'..... :0D

I'd link in a picture for you (complete with little sewing box) but my dodi forgot to save all our photos when he rebuilt the computer at the weekend....
Ylana said…
I love how you turned those nuts into funky pattern weights!! I will be heading to my local hardware store purchase some nuts for myself this afternoon i think. Thanks for sharing your awesome idea!!
Jenny said…
How cute are those weights! I found four packs of rubber door stopper wedges at the Dollar Tree and grabbed a couple to use, but they aren't cute or pretty. At least I can keep them in a cute box.
And I'm nosey, too. I love when people post pictures of their craft rooms, and details are great!
Ashlee said…
I love the pattern weights! I will be making myself some! Total genius!
Anonymous said…
I have a supa-dupa sewing room that I built and I LOOOOVE, well that's what I think anyway! Here's the link:
It's small and compact but sooo much stuff. And SO nice after a lifetime of having a 'sewing closet' at best! I need to do a floor plan like you did Sam - I agree, much easier to understand.

But now I'm REALLY curious and have lots of questions - YOU built your house? But there are so many parts of it that look really old, did you use salvaged doors and such? And I noticed in the sewing loft pics that you have formed steel beams in the unfinished attic part and also that it looks like your DH also jsut built the stairs to your loft - and they cracked me up because I think you could lead elephants up those stairs they're built so securely!! So it's all unusual contsruction methods and that's what i'm curious about??? And, ok, NOSEY!!! But remember I have worked in construction all my life and also have built homes, worked for builders, etc.
From Sparkle
bellaguinness said…
What a great idea - pattern weights! Ingenious.
Unknown said…
I love what you've done w/ those nuts!! & i absolutely love your new loft space/sewing room. It's just too gorgeous. I too just did quite an arrangement & major destash, head on over and take a look, but it's far from being done, I'm still waiting for my shelving/storage area to be complete where I can completely get rid of the plastic rolling carts.
I just love your patterns, I have a couple of them and have yet to make it as I am expecting my 4th child, but I thought I would drop by and say hello!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the patternweights!! That's so much easier than the last tutorial I saw for them! LOL I always use butter knives since I do my cutting on the kitchen counter, but those are seriously cool. I might just need to make some!
Holly said…
OMG!!!!! I LOVE the weights!!! I'm SOOO going to make myself some! Brilliant!
Mrs. S said…
Brilliant pattern weights!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a terrific idea! (How DO you come up with these things?!?!?! You are amazing:) )
Samantha Caffee said…

Hey Sparkle!

You sewing room is so cool! All those cabinets are awesome!

I am lovin that you noticed that stuff! I have been a do-it-yourselfer for so long that Ben and I notice those things too. Well the short answer is...well, we live in a steel building. It looks like a regular house on the outside but it's really just like a big gym! We even have steel siding, steel roofing, and metal studs (everywhere except the sewing room). We ordered it from a company called heritage and we loved it because with no weight bearing walls we got to have a very open floor plan. We built this house with our own two hands and it took us 1 year and 3 mo. The only work we paid outside people to do was sheet rock and ac/heating. All of the doors were new, but I stained them to look old. LOL! Ben was very mindful of my desire for an old house and we just adjusted our building methods to look more, well, old. We studied old cabins and houses like crazy, and I guess we just thought if they were still standing for us to be looking at them they must be pretty sturdy! When we put in the floor boards he didn't sand the hammer marks out, we used square head nails, I even made sure that he left a few boards with the printed words still on them! Our bathroom sinks are both old dressers that Ben made into sinks. We stained, varnished, painted, and sanded every inch! We have a few friends who are builders and they pulled all of our permits for us and checked in with us regularly. Funny thing is they were sometimes ashamed! One builder friend said he just wished all of the other houses with his name on it were built as well as Ben built ours! The sheet rock guys said that this was the first house they had ever worked in where the walls were actually square! LOL! I think the guy shook Ben's hand! LOL! There were a few times that the entire family would ride out for the day and help us. I remember the red steel was delivered on a Saturday so Ben skipped church the next day to start putting together our big erector set :) and when all of our family and friends saw me at church alone they asked where he was. I told them what he was up to and everyone got up and left to go help! It looked like half of the church had gone! It was like an old fashioned barn raising! By that night we had a house! All of the red steel was up and it looked like a real structure!

Maybe I will do a post on this one day, I have tons of pictures. I just didn't think anyone would ever want to know anything about it! But I understand your curiosity, I have ALWAYS been interested in the way things are made and how they work.

This is what ours looks like But of course our windows are in different places and I think our house is longer than the one pictured. Ours is about 2300 sq ft.


Carolyn said…
Thanks for the tip on making pattern weights! I'm still pinning mine and have been wishing I had some weights. But of course I don't want to actually pay for fancy ones because they're just weights. Your idea is wonderful.

Molly said…
Oh, oh, just made my day! I LOVE my fabric weights and would not go back to pinning if my life depended on it...ha! But, I only have a set of 6 which makes it difficult at, I'm gonna make myself some adorable new ones! Thanks for the idea and sharing your space with us! And, yes, I'm as nosey as you are about others' crafty spaces and ideas...LOVE to see pictures! I'm making my list of ideas for my "space" so I'll be ready when it makes it to the top of Hubby's project list! ;) Congrats on getting to display your dress in that gorgeus fabric! Woo-hoo!
Lauren said…
Thanks for telling your home story, I'd love to see more pictures! I'd also love to see any links to especially great sewing spaces that you've come across in your searching. I'm planning my own space for the house we're building, I have two months to gather ideas and I'm getting more and more antsy!
Rose and Ivy said…
They are a great idea! I always use whatever I have on hand-- trinket boxes, my pin box, books-- I think I might get some of these bolts!

I will email you some pictures of my sewing space-- I have just moved everything in as well and am very excited!

Marlya xx
Meghan said…
Eeek Samantha. I accidently flagged your blog as having objectionable content by clicking before the page was loading. If you get a notification it was totally an accident! Sorry
Wow, fabric weights--what a totally awesome invention! Why haven't I ever heard of this? Man, how I hate to pin! :) And your house sounds way cool!

Here's my sewing space--I usually call it my workroom, my sewing room, our library (it's old name before I moved all my sewing stuff in there), or I just point--hahaha.

I love, love, love looking at people's places they work in--so fun!

:) Jennifer
Valerie said…
Just wanted to let you know, all of your stuff is amazing. i don't how you do it. I have two kids, and can't seem to do much, although I'm teaching myself to crochet. Thanks for teaching me the flower. Check out my blog at Thanks for being an inspiration.
Michelle DJKL Blackerbee said…
So this is what you've been up to all this time...I had a feeling this what you were up to all this up to all this this is what you've been up to all this time, maybe....Charlie had a feeling too! So this is what you've been up to all this time...hmm.....
Unknown said…

Playing catch-up with my blog reader! LOVE the new space. Whatever you want to call it I will be jealous!!! and I love the pattern weight idea, so stealing that!
Samantha Caffee said…

LOL! Was it the turd post from awhile back that offended you? LOL! Hope they don't shut me down! LOL! ;) If it makes you feel any better they never sent me an email :)


Patty said…

I am not sure how I found your blog but so far I am enjoying it. I too enjoy looking at the sewing room of others. Back in October I did a major de-cluttering, over several days, getting rid of fabric I had collected over the years.

Here is the link:

This link is after all the chaos was over and the room was ready to be used again.
oath said…
I like to look at others working spaces and in magazine too because I want to have once but I am not sure can make it. Your space is nice too and it is really great idea with the hardware. This is my work spaces everywhere in the house.
Lacie Hawkins said…
I can't wait to try this out. You make it sound so easy in the article! Have you ever been to They have a bunch of good articles on there as well. If you post yours on there you can link it back to your website. I have put a few recipes on wacania and it has driven so much traffic to my website. They have graphs that allow you to track how many people read it. Thanks J
Samantha Caffee said…

Thanks for the info! I have never heard of them before but I will visit!

What is your website?


April said…
Love the Easter dresses! I was up until 2am sewing the last stitches on SweetPea's, too.

Those weights are AWESOME!!! MUST tell Hubby to get me some nuts on his next Home Depot run. lol!
Unknown said…
I'm utterly completely in love with this idea :-)
I hope you don't mind, but I'm taking it to my blog.

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