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Fond memories...

Hey Mam-a Jam-a! LOL! That's what one of my cousins, Jeremy, would say every time I saw him after I had Molly. For some reason when I aimlessly started this post it flashed through my mind. I have been remembering so many things from the past the last few days. I guess all this remembering business was prompted by small, out of the ordinary things that have been happening around here the last few days.

I have had some unexpected emails and comments from childhood friends, both of them with very happy memories attached. Most of these memories are silly little things that I didn't expect to come back to me, like the fact that I remembered how I loved my friend Heathers hands ( I always wanted to have pretty hands like hers when I was a kid). How silly is that? Another friend Crystal, made me remember waiting at the bus stop on cold mornings before school. I loved the bus stop because it was our last bit of freedom before being still and quiet for the rest of the day.
We have been cleaning out our children's rooms this weekend and that brought back so many memories of moving in here when Molly was only two and I was still carrying Tim. I miss having babies. I remembered making her room the perfect little girls room. I remembered how we would eat grilled cheese almost everyday for lunch (because that was my favorite when I was pregnant with Tim). She has a vanity in her room that was mine when I was a girl and I remembered getting it for my birthday one year, and doing homework there.
While talking to a friend just this morning about her daughters Math work I remembered the very minute that long division *clicked*. I was in the bath tub cleaning up before bed when it all of a sudden made perfect sense! I had struggled for weeks to get it but I just didn't understand it, then in a moment it all came together. I remember wearing a side ponytail, thinking I was hot snot! It was almost as cool as my first perm!
I don't really have a good memory (that's why I have a blog LOL!) so these little things that I can remember are so special to me. It makes me wonder what my children will remember about being at home when they are all grown. Will they remember the house being clean or messy? Will it even matter then? Will they remember our silly days where we pretend it's raining and stay in? Maybe they will remember the days like today, when we are so desperate for Fall weather that we pretend it's cold outside, light a candle in the wood stove for our pretend fire, and drink apple cider......I hope so. After a week full of savoring these beautiful childhood memories I want to focus more on making special memories with my own sweet children.
This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago after I told them one of my "when I was a kid" stories about playing in this same bed. My brother, sister, and I would pretend we were on a ship and we were lost at sea. We had to fish for food, try to get help, and stay away from the water because of sharks. Shortly after hearing this story they bolted into Timothy's room to climb up on my old bed to play their own little ship game. They even put a kitchen on the ship so they would be able to cook! The belts and things hanging over the side of the bed are fishing poles. They had such a fun day playing on the ship. In the picture they are eating the PB&J's I had to bring in. That night they all slept in the ship. Silly kids! I hope they remember this .....


The4Rs said…
love reading your musings, I lost the only baby I ever carried at 8 weeks. I have 2 beautiful adopted kids, 10 years apart, lol
Could you add me to your fav blogs, that is if you want to, I am San at
of course I have an etsy site too...:)
Joy said…
I enjoyed walking down memory lane with you during this post. And I am laughing at the bed- I had one very similar when I was 9 or so, and we played the same games. 'Cept it was me and my sister. Those captain beds were so popular then, weren't they?
Rose and Ivy said…
Memories are wonderful--- write them down!!! I have some fantastic ememories of when I was a kid. I have realised when I think about them that I haven't really changed at all!! lol!
Jaime said…
That is awesome, I love the ship. I can't wait until my girls will be able to pretend together really well. My 4 yr old is always trying to get me to pretend and I grow weary of it. Memories are so fun, thanks for sharing. I too keep a blog to help keep memories. Do you have any idea if you can save blog posts to disk to keep around for the kids? I keep meaning to find this out.
Mrs. S said…
Did someone say "Doug Phillips"?!?!?! And "Created to be His Helpmeet"? I am so with you! We got to go to a homeschool conference a few years ago that Doug Phillips was the keynote speaker for! Life-changing, I tell you!
And oh, how I have wondered, as well, what kinds of memories my children will carry with them. At times, it has truly motivated me to soften my words, loosen up, and put aside the chores. I want memories of home to warm them until they enter Heaven's gates. Thank you for the renewed vision to make that happen! Your children are so very blessed to get to eat PB&J, while fishing and navigating around sharks!
bg_garden said…
The music set to this blog was just perfect! Thanks for some great childhood memories. I look forward to your blogs in my Midwest Garden!
Megan said…
I'm sure your children will have lots of fond memories of their youth. You are such a fun mom.
Unknown said…
I LOVE that they brought the kitchen in the boat to cook. Smart cookies you have there *smile*

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